siri, why does god allow suffering?

"I think you should just move to a major city, marry a rich surgeon, and become the reasonable, professional cast member on a Real Housewives franchise."

- My aunts have a lot of good advice about my future.

Jul 23

Today on one of my flights, we had a lavatory issue that caused the smell of the lavatory to pump in through the plane’s AC vents, and then the woman next to me kept coughing and sneezing without covering her mouth, and also itching flakes of her dry skin off her arm and onto my lap. Then I dared to crack my neck and she yelled at me to tell me not to do that because it’s disgusting. Which, I totally get that joint cracking sounds gross people out and I try to keep them to a minimum in public, but, Jesus Christ, lady, my neck cracking was not even among the top 50 grossest things happening on that flight.

Jul 22

After a week, the dog is feeling more and more at home with us, as indicated by:

Jul 21

Buying the cheapest flights for my trips home always seems like a wise idea until it’s, like, a few days before my flight and I hate myself for thinking a 4:30 a.m. wakeup call and a two-hour east coast layover were worth the $40 I saved.

Jul 20

When I was in high school and watched these early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy when they first aired, I wishfully thought I would grow up to be like Addison. But watching them now in my mid-20s, I begrudgingly admit that I am very much like Meredith in that I am comprised mostly of guilt, impulsive whims, and inappropriate romantic choices. 

Jul 18

I just cannot with the parking department insisting I’m not an employee of the university. Like, what is this contract I sign every year, then? How do you explain these biweekly paychecks and this shitty health insurance? Why did I have to verify my citizenship status four different ways and sign a paper swearing to Jan Brewer that I would uphold the constitution of Arizona as a state employee? 


Jul 18

You know, both the universities I’ve worked at previously had particular offices that had certain dysfunctional issues, but never has one had a bureaucracy that so thoroughly and consistently makes me want to set shit on fire as my current one does.

Jul 17
Fun fact: it’s pretty much impossible to convince yourself to out of bed when it’s cloudy out and this beast is snuggling you.
Jul 17

Fun fact: it’s pretty much impossible to convince yourself to out of bed when it’s cloudy out and this beast is snuggling you.

I ran to buy jeans today and didn’t put makeup on beforehand, and the cashier was not only amazed to find out I’m 24 when she made sure my ID and credit card checked out, but also shocked that I’m old enough to have a credit card.

Jul 16

Oh my god, TMD, go away. You’re a week early for your usual trip-home flare up.

Jul 15